On-Chain Governance is live!

Governance is live, which means you can now determine the future of Snowball. Whether you hold SNOB or have liquidity in the SNOB/AVAX pool, you can vote.

Make your SNOB count.


Recent Proposals

# 1: Buyback Snowballs with 50% of Fees
For: 6870.52 Against: 45.21

# 2: Prolong Snowball Emissions for 14M Blocks
For: 6401.29 Against: 337.91

# 3: 1st Budget Proposal: $81,225
For: 5524.12 Against: 80.93

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Apr 21, 2021

Introducing the S3F StableVault

StableVault provides important infrastructure for the DeFi ecosystem and makes it easy to swap stable assets with low fees and low slippage.

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Mar 27, 2021

Stable Asset Swapping with Snowball

Earlier this month Snowball launched as one of the first auto-compounding protocols on Avalanche. We’ve seen excellent adoption and recently reached a milestone of $20 million total value locked (TVL).

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March 6, 2021

Snowball Finance Launch

Snowball is launching alongside other first generation financial protocols on the Avalanche Network. The protocol takes advantage of yield farming on Pangolin and low gas fees on Avalanche to compound (snowball) your returns.

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Sept 22, 2020

Avalanche Consensus, The Biggest Breakthrough since Nakamoto

Consensus is the means by which a series of independent voters (often called “validators”) come to an agreement on a decision, ensuring that the network has a synchronized view on the data...

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